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Sixian people’s livelihood of rural drinking water safety project completion rate of over 90% – Anhui channel — according to Dawn News, 2016, Sixian people’s livelihood of rural drinking water safety project construction tasks for the construction of 4 projects, of which 1 new water plant, the implementation of network extension project 3. Plans to invest 16 million 550 thousand yuan. After the completion of the project, will solve the problem of drinking water safety of 33 thousand and 100 Rural residents. Up to now, the project operating rate of 100%, the overall completion rate of 91%. Strengthen leadership, responsibility to the people. The County Water Conservancy Bureau set up a rural drinking water safety engineering construction management office, as a unified legal person in charge of rural drinking water safety project. The main person in charge of the implementation of the livelihood of the people responsible for the implementation of the first responsibility of the people’s livelihood project, relying on the previous command, timely coordination and solve the problems encountered in the project. In charge of the specific implementation of the work. At the same time, give full play to the functions of stock room, make a concerted effort and close cooperation, the formation of concerted efforts in the work, to ensure the safety of drinking water in rural areas throughout the county to promote the project effectively. Strengthen publicity, create atmosphere. Adhere to the pre built, after the construction of double open and information online publicity system, the government information network and the people’s livelihood project site for a comprehensive public publicity. Use of the people hotline broadcast, repeatedly preached rural drinking water safety project livelihood projects. At the same time, through newspapers, television and other media, SMS, and unified production numbers and propaganda reader of rural drinking water safety project and other forms of publicity and policy significance of the project implementation, to raise public awareness, to create a strong atmosphere of support for the whole society to care for rural drinking water safety work. Strengthen supervision, standardize operation. In strict accordance with the construction of the "four system" organization and implementation of the project construction. After the start of the project, timely organization design and construction technical clarification, requires all construction units to fulfill all the promises in the bidding documents. The key stage in the process of construction, engineering and technical personnel and management personnel in the site, to strengthen rural water pipes and other materials inspection work, the construction process of each process strictly, the procedure is completed, must be approved by the supervisory personnel to confirm the next process of the construction can be qualified; the key parts of the engineering project. The legal and technical personnel on-site checks, on-site supervision personnel, strict construction quality, ensure the completion of the project one, play a project benefit. Strengthen the scheduling, rapid advance. According to the contract period and the higher requirements of the deadline, the bureau to develop a detailed timetable and schedule, inverted schedule, flipchart operations, the establishment of 4 inspection groups follow up inspection, timely understanding of the progress in sequence to promote the progress of construction. In the process of the implementation of the project, the construction of rural drinking water safety project management department held a weekly meeting, the previous phase of the work summary, and the deployment of the next phase of work priorities. Delays in the progress of the construction unit, timely supervision and construction units to take effective measures to speed up the progress of. At the same time, according to the engineering characteristics of dispersion, the construction unit of the construction, and actively coordinating the construction of the unit, to provide a good environment for the construction unit construction, to ensure timely completion of the project. (Zhou Pu Liu Jian) (commissioning editor Guo Yu and Ma Lingling)相关的主题文章:

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