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SEO The myth of the global village is no longer a myth. That is primarily because of the opportunities that the social media sites that have cluttered all over the internet provides for people from different locations, different parts of the world to meet, socialize and also participate in business. Not only has that, these sites offer a humongous free-of-cost database of potential customers. Hence it very easy for advertisers and marketers to target these customers and do business with them. The biggest advantage of social media marketing is perhaps the fact that it is exceptionally cheap. It does not require a large sum of money for launching elaborate marketing plans and publicizing the products and services. Hence it is easy for small businesses and start ups to advertise their products through social media sites. Moreover, social media marketing solutions allows brands to adapt to consumers buying and sharing habits almost instantly. The customers respond to brands and each other across networks, platforms and apps. When that response is negative, a brand has the chance to course-correct quickly minimizing damage to the brand. It is possible to analyze product details of the .petitor; this helps in understanding the market dimension, so that new products are launched with precise accuracy. One of the most interesting advantages of social media marketing is that when viewing television, advertisements often irritate and interrupt viewers, causing most of them to be uninterested in the advertised product. Of all viewers of advertisements, only one to two percent actually contacted the distributor and was interested in their product. With social media, the targeted audience not only watches the advertisement, but also participates in it. People are more impressionable when they get a firsthand opinion from someone who does not stand to directly benefit. Therefore it is more likely for an individual to believe in a product that he reads reviews about from strangers that have used it, as opposed to a shiny ad on Television which might just instigate him to change the channel. The main advantages of using social media marketing according to US marketing executives are customer engagement, direct customer .munications, speed of feedbacks/results, learning customer preferences, low costs, brand building, market research, credibility of the crowd, reach, great lead generation source and customer service. Customer engagement takes the top spot, with 85.4% of respondents citing it as a benefit of using social media marketing. More interesting is that direct response defined as great lead generation source in the list of benefits was only cited by 21% of executives, implying that most executives dont see the medium as having a direct impact on sales. If one simply wants to promote a product, social media marketing will only require a bit of time and an active facebook or twitter account. Hence, its cost effective, less time consuming and definitely more potent than TV ads or billboards. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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