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I anticipate that we will see more changing weather patterns, more seismic activity, disruption and general unrest. This is on the global level. On the personal level, we are all experiencing huge changes in our lives. For some of us this has already started a few years ago, for others, it is just beginning. However, these are cataclysmic times that we are living in, just as many ancient religions and philosophies have predicted from the Mayans, to the Hopis to the Egyptians to name but a few. This summer we will see an acceleration of events. Karma will play out more quickly than ever before. For example, if you cut someone off in traffic, someone will cut you off almost immediately afterwards. If you do a good deed and help someone, you will receive kind actions from someone else. There will be great opportunities in the midst of all this upheaval. With the advent of the Age of Aquarius, we are having to find our own way, our own philosophy, our own ideas instead of that dictated by the state and by organised religions. Aquarius is all about the individual within the collective. Each person has a unique identity that needs to fulfill its potential and in that the whole world benefits. What can you do during this particular New Moon in Cancer that will be helpful? First, find out where it falls in your birth chart and see which area of life will be triggered. Then look at what you need to let go of, what is holding you back and where you are resistant to change. For example, if this New Moon falls in your seventh house of relationships and youve been looking for a relationship for a long time and no one seems to come along, maybe you may need to let go of wanting to be with someone and be happy to be on your own. Sometimes the energy of desperation drives a prospective partner away. If you are in a relationship, maybe you are the strong one and your partner leans on you too much, or perhaps its the other way round and you are too dependent on your partner and always concerned about their needs whilst neglecting your own. Maybe you are in a codependent relationship that needs to change. This New Moon gives you the opportunity to revamp your existing relationships and to create healthy boundaries so that your relationships can thrive. Here are some things to consider during this New Moon: What is it from your past you need to bring with you, what do you need to release? Cancer doesnt like to let go of anything. Find where it falls in your natal chart this will be the area in which you need to let go. This New Moon will trigger your safety and security needs. What makes you feel unsafe? What are you afraid of losing? What do you feel protected by? Youll probably feel extra sensitive and its a great time to get in touch with your intuition and to listen to the messages and signals you are receiving. Where is this New Moon falling in your chart? For example, is it in your 2nd house of money and finance? If so, this is a good time to take a fresh look at your financial situation. Have you got plans for your retirement? Do you spend more money than you earn? Are in you charge of your finances? You might want to make some fresh choices to improve your situation. For me, this New Moon falls in my twelfth house which will be a time of introspection and withdrawal. Its going to be an excellent time for anything involving metaphysics so I plan to write some more articles and books about esoteric and spiritual astrology during the next several months to make best use of these energies. Good things to do: Nurture yourself Spend some time alone Enjoy a nourishing meal Get some sleep and even take a nap in the middle of the day Resolve any family issues Do something creatively inspiring e.g. writing, reading a play, going to the opera or a concert Be quietly at home with your family Feel compassion for everyone Share your feelings Go to a healer or give some healing Explore new ways to take care of yourself Go to the ocean or be near water Go inward Carefully select who you are with as you will be extra sensitive at this time Be willing to ask for help Be vulnerable Meditate Have a soak in the bath with candles Stroll out somewhere beautiful in nature Snuggle up on the sofa with a soft blanket and watch a good movie About the Author: Barbara Goldsmith has been a professional astrologer for over 30 years. She gives personal readings to people around the world. Her free monthly forecasts on You Tube have a wide following. Author of : Astrology Made Easy, The Elements – Physical and Metaphysical Astrology, Handbook for Surviving the Global Financial Crisis. Her website is: Article Published On: 相关的主题文章:

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