Son Dailian home for 7 years 6 years from parents seeking child-icesword

Son Dailian home for 7 years 6 years for children "from parents! 7 years, are you okay? Loved ones are waiting for you to go home!" In late October, a letter for "letter" appeared in a Fushun forum. 7 years ago, the town of East Lake Fushun County man Chen Xiaochuan was just 18 years old, two weeks before the new year is coming, he suddenly threw a sentence "I don’t want to read, want to go out to work away, has not returned, never contact with home. 7 years later, his father Chen Wenxi on the Internet to find. In October 27th, a strange local telephone number in Zigong sent a text message to Chen Wenxi, saying that it was possible for people in Luzhou to have a phone number in Luzhou on the phone…… Chen Xiaochuan’s parents thought the child eager young gentle insisted on going from home to work "until today, I do not know what his son, saying goes." The more than and 60 year old Chen Wenxi said, thought the child eager to let him overnight a lot of old, "day in the teahouse busy, also do not think so much, one night, looking at the empty room, the son’s face appeared in front." Chen Wenxi remembers his son the day before leaving the scene, "a Saturday in 2009 before the Spring Festival, he came back from school, clamoring to go out to work, do not want to read." Second days, Chen Wenxi found a relatively high level of education "friend advised his son, but the son still. "After lunch he said back to school, then go back to school students, Ogawa took something away, who never saw him." The son’s character is very gentle and cheerful, obedient filial piety, academic performance is also very good, the teacher also like him very much." Chen Wenxi said that before leaving home more than two months of the day, Chen Xiaochuan suddenly said, do not want to read, want to go out to work". After this, Chen Xiaochuan seems to be a different person, often to my father to go out to work, never bicker they often quarrel. After Chen Xiaochuan disappeared, Chen Wenxi launched the relatives and friends, almost all the Internet cafes of Fushun for a time, even to go to the beach, but no audio. Chen Wenxi wrote in a letter: Ogawa, you come back, my parents gave you a new cotton quilts, we hope that one day you can come back, this new bed quilt cover, steadfastly at home a good sleep. My parents are getting old, with everyone talking about you, mom and dad are crying, for so many years, because I think of you, the body is getting worse…… Close to the mysterious surfaced in Fushun 2 "brother calm personality, but love you." Chen Xiaochuan’s brother, said Chen Hua, his brother left, never contacted me, send text messages do not return, do not answer the phone. My cousin Tang Zhulin said, Chen Xiaochuan revealed his great pressure, he said to die, not to think of parents, perhaps would have to go there, don’t know why he would say that. 3 years after leaving home, Chen Xiaochuan’s trail in Fushun. "We have checked in the Public Security Bureau, Chen Xiaochuan in February 2012 and in July 2014, in the town of East Lake has two residential records, one time very close to home." Chen Hua said that in February 2015, Chen Xiaochuan appeared in a hotel in Chengdu, and then,.相关的主题文章:

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