Store 100 thousand yuan stolen by the police with the code to lock the suspect-ca1810

Shop 100 thousand yuan stolen money by police locked the suspect encoding the original title: Shop 100 thousand yuan stolen crown size locked the suspect Chinese daily news (reporter correspondent Song Bingqin Sun Li) facing the video monitor screen and lock victim identified, suspected of theft suspects but denied vector. The police confession finalized, eventually by the crown size of RMB above (notes on encoding) accurately identify the suspect. Shop 100 thousand yuan in cash in September 29th five sets of Tangyu Meixian take wings to itself, the town of Tongguan Village Wang Mei County Public Security Bureau police, said the 100 thousand yuan in cash on the shop stolen. According to Wang recalled that day at about 11:20, the store has come two young men, a man said to buy a certain brand of mineral water and instant noodles and other things, she went to the warehouse with the mineral water, after the other said to buy another brand of water. The other man took out a hundred dollars in cash to buy melon seeds, and so on after the transaction by Wang, the two men quickly left. Wang went back to the bedroom to drink, and found 100 thousand yuan in cash drawer take wings to itself. The suspect received a report through the old case lock, police to access the perimeter and the crime scene and monitoring on the route immediately. Finally found the suspect in a large number of video traces. Video display, two men driving a black scooter ride behind the man wearing a peaked cap, back has a black, green and white bag, the Huai Ya Zhen Street from west to East into the Huai Tang highway to Tangyu tourist areas, and describes the basic physical characteristics of the victim are the same. Police judge, the suspect may have strong anti detection capabilities, is a recidivist. According to this idea, the police and the surrounding counties in public security organs, to find the modus operandi of the same case. Sure enough, refer to similar cases in Qishan County Public Security Bureau, found a man named danmou Henan, in July last year due to the same modus operandi of theft was arrested by Qishan police, was sentenced to one year, released in August this year. Identified by the victim, to determine the stone is a person who entered the store when the incident. A bank police retrieved the stone card records, found that the incident that day 14 am, danmou ATM through the deposit of 66600 yuan in cash. Preliminary judgment of the police have a major crime suspects. October 8th afternoon, the police in Jintai District of Baoji city will suspect danmou arrested. The police suspect zero confession evidence "speak" danmou after appearing in court, refused to explain, only recognized its and lvmou a man named Wang went to the store. In the face of danmou excuses, the police determined to find a confession of ideas, strong evidence. The police found in the survey, danmou deposit cash, of which 5000 yuan of cash from credit cooperatives is the victim before taking tangyu. Police retrieved the $5000 credit cooperatives Tangyu crown size, to the industrial and Commercial Bank of Baoji City, carried out the transfer of suspects in the incident that day cash in the bank card number. After comparison, the name of the deposit in the name of the deposit has 4800 yuan crown size and stolen cash in the same crown. According to bank staff, the crown size of the RMB is unique, can be said to be 2相关的主题文章:

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