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"Natsume yuujinchou" animation fifth season aired next week OVA suspected trouble recently wance do animation has enough, "fearless" witch made an extension, "long ride eyebrow" have been extended second times, today just aired the end "Natsume yuujinchou" season fifth episode sixth. In the broadcast on Tokyo TV announced next week "Natsume yuujinchou" the fifth season will be broadcast on OVA, seventh appeared to be broadcast next week, but the AT-X seventh next week according to broadcast, which in the end is not wance do it? Tokyo TV official written notice in November 16th seventh AT-X OVA aired it aired as usual "Natsume yuujinchou" fifth season four animation animation, distance interval of 4 years, that the fans were not in vain this works on the support and enthusiasm. The fifth season continued the production team four animation animation but a slight adjustment, Oomori Takahiro served as general supervision, Natsume yuujinchou OVA a small beauty supervision executive supervision, series composition, character design, monster set for Mukai Zhenno, Takada Aki and Yamada Kio still, the animation company from Brain ‘sBase into Zhu summer, Zhu Xia is originally from Brain’ sBase third production department independent of the company. Scheduled next week broadcast OVA "and the first" cat teacher errands launched in 2013, Tokyo TV station is written the name of fifth quarter TV animation specials, before the launch of preheating xiamu in the fifth season played on the 2014 OVA "snow day" only a short while ago, perhaps OVA is the official broadcast prior arrangements, currently with broadcast AT-X (AT-X day late Tokyo TV broadcast) in November 16th on the program or that will be broadcast on the seventh. But in October this year, the industry – a groaning.after, background extension events continue next week, fifth summer sowing season OVA always gives people a feeling of wance do.   [source: acgdoge]相关的主题文章:

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