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Wu Jing suspected derailed exposed site map   also had his wife during pregnancy kissing beauty record – Henan Channel – Wu Jing suspected derailed, a prominent blogger recently on micro-blog broke Lin Dan derailed, and coupled with the related video, caused a great disturbance, everyone’s attention is high. But now the Lin Dan affair is not finished yet, the blogger has once again exposed material, directed at the well-known martial arts star Wu Jing, netizens immediately jittery, is a new round of derailment, and also to cheat dirt? The first to release a comparative literary photograph in his micro-blog on the blogger on the man in front of the car photos, see profile almost can’t tell who it is, but that he is a martial arts star. At this time there are many users have speculated. However, the blogger has only replied to this said Wu Jing’s friends, and this finger is also directed to the face of Wu Jing, it seems that this is really going to be Wu Jing broke the news…… Although the material is a normal star paparazzi burst, but many users because of the influence of the Lin Dan incident, many people think that marriage can’t help the hand to go, after all, Wu Jing now seems to love the family, love, but also the history of the past than Lin Dan not to go ah! The media had irreparably broke in Xie Nan’s pregnancy, said Wu Jing will not only beauty, still embrace kissing in front of the hotel…… Before the media to take Wu Jing to dinner with friends, parting at the gate of the hotel with a woman embracing passion, a big belly and Xie Nanting alone shopping scene is also the media photographed. That evening, Wu Jing was wearing a short white T and camouflage pants, wearing a thong is very leisurely. I saw Wu Jing out from the hotel first, behind two girls and three brother together. Probably will be too excited or drank too much wine, a beauty and Wu Jing together, Wu Jing is also very welcome, will not hold up. Swing from left to right. Another beauty is very exaggerated smile. Two people separated from their arms after a gang of six walk in the street. Who did not embrace the beauty all the way face very exaggerated, in the separation of the occasion, more directly with Wu Jing hung up. Then a turn directly around Wu Jing’s neck hold together to form a clique. Wu Jinggang began to be very honest to lay down their hands, but then in the beauty of the hair after touching a hand on the shoulder, and then, after a farewell with his friends and then leave the car by Wu Jing. (Yang Tianzi, commissioning editor Ding Xiaofang)相关的主题文章:

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