Swiss swatch says it will launch 3 smart watches in 2016 lightscape

The Swiss Swatch company said 2016 will launch 3 smart watches, according to foreign media reports, the day before the Swiss watch maker Swatch (Swatch) announced in 2016 will launch three smart watches, to compete with apple, TAG Heuer, etc. in the wearable device market. Swatch group CEO Nick Hayek (Nick Hayek) said, will launch a smart watch Tissot brand in March at the Basel jewelry exhibition. Although Hayek did not disclose the function and price of this smart watch, but Tissot’s price is more than 200 dollars. At the same time, Hayek also said that plans to launch a mobile payment function of smart watches Swatch Bellamy in August of this year, and sales in the United States and switzerland. The Swiss Swatch company said 2016 will launch in 3 smart watches, Swatch company has developed a smart watch with the Rio De Janeiro Olympic Games and the related function of Swatch Touch". In fact, last year, Swatch launched a provides functionality associated with the low-end Swatch Touch watch volleyball championship in Zero, including the DB detection function and recording sound intensity pedometer. According to the New York state patent law firm Envision IP data show that since 2012, Swatch has applied for 173 and smart watches or watch network related U.S. and international patents. At present, Swatch group is gradually developing a series of intelligent watches and related patents.

瑞士Swatch公司称2016年将推出3款智能手表   据外媒报道,日前瑞士手表制造商Swatch(斯沃琪)宣布2016年将推出三款智能手表,从而与苹果、泰格豪雅等在可穿戴设备市场展开竞争。   Swatch集团CEO尼克・哈耶克(Nick Hayek)还表示,将在3月举行的巴塞尔腕表珠宝展中推出一款天梭品牌的智能手表。虽然哈耶克并未透露这款智能手表的功能和售价,不过天梭手表的售价约在200美元以上。   与此同时,哈耶克还表示,计划将在今年8月推出一款具备移动支付功能的智能手表Swatch Bellamy,并在美国和瑞士销售。 瑞士Swatch公司称2016年将推出3款智能手表   此外,Swatch公司已开发出一款带有与里约热内卢奥运会相关功能的智能手表“Swatch Touch”。事实上,去年斯沃琪就推出了一款提供了与排球锦标赛相关功能的低端手表Swatch Touch Zero,包括计步器及记录喝彩声强度的分贝检测功能。   据纽约州专利律师事务所 Envision IP 提供的数据显示,自2012 年以来,斯沃琪已经申请了173 项与智能手表或联网手表相关的美国和国际专利。目前斯沃琪集团正在逐步的开发一系列的智能手表和相关专利。相关的主题文章:

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