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Table Tennis Super – Zhu Yuling scored two points in Shandong 3-1 reversal of the defending champion Beijing Zhu Yuling Beijing Xinhua sports news (reporter Xiao Yazhuo) November 6th 2016 6 women’s Table Tennis Super League game beginning on the seventh round of the competition, the focus of a battle, the Shandong Luneng team with Zhu Yuling’s two singles victory away to 3:1 victory over the defending champion Beijing Shougang team. The first 6 rounds have a record of 4 wins and 2 losses, the game’s first singles between Ding Ning and Gu Ruochen. The first two games, in the face of "Grand Slam" winner Ding Ning, Gu Ruochen active play, two scores are very close, Ding Ning struggled to win 14:12, 13:11. The third game, Gu Ruochen failure began to increase rapidly with 11:2 Ding Ning as the winner of the Beijing team won the first division. The second singles Shandong Luneng team sent the team’s top player Zhu Yuling, Beijing team is playing teenager Lee Jiayuan. Before the three game of Li Jiayuan to lead 2:1, the key of the fourth, two people in the war be inextricably involved, saved many match points, Zhu Yuling 19:17 win the match into a decider. In the decider, Zhu Yuling follow up a victory with hot pursuit to win 8:6, Shandong Luneng a draw. Then the doubles match, Li Xiaodan Gu Yuting lost the first inning in the case of 3:11, 11:6 And 7:5 won two games victory over Sheng Dandan Li Jiayuan, Shandong Luneng to overtake. The fourth singles between the two top players Ding Ning and Zhu Yuling, the latter state is better, with 11:9, 11:8 and 11:3 even under three won the game second points to help the Shandong Luneng team defeated the Beijing team to reverse 3:1. As the defending champion, Beijing team in the first 7 games of this season, only to get a record of 4 wins and 3 losses, but the coach for the performance of the players or given a positive. "This season, but our season goal is mainly for training young players, preparing for next year’s National Games and the league," Yan said. "Until now, the players fight well, believe that they will be back playing better."相关的主题文章:

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