Taiyuan 8 lanes transformation of gas pipeline gas affected residents isobuster

Taiyuan 8 lanes reconstruction of gas pipeline residents with gas is not affected by this year, with a small street reconstruction project in our city, Taiyuan natural gas company started Street Lane Road Reconstruction gas pipeline project, the underground gas pipeline 8 lanes have started the transformation. Street is the last people the journey home, is the city road in capillaries, connected to thousands of households, is a city of the people’s livelihood. Requirements of the city, has started the road, and strive to be completed within three months. The street lane road reconstruction, in road construction is completed, together with the construction of the underground pipe network renovation in place. The 8 lanes are located in the old town north of the city, the road was severely damaged, underground pipelines and old complicated seepage phenomenon in different degree, the difficulty of construction. In order to cope with the construction progress of the municipal road, in the face of the construction time is urgent, the construction task is concentrated and the environment is complex, Taiyuan natural gas company will fully guarantee the construction progress and quality. At present, renovation of the 8 lanes has been started, and the underground gas pipeline will be fully upgraded. This will be to enhance the quality of life of nearby residents, to build a harmonious Taiyuan popular project. It is reported that the underground gas pipe network transformation is laying a new underground gas pipe network. The old and new pipe network to switch to choose to work at night when the gas is low, so in the process of transformation will not affect the normal use of nearby residents. The gas transformation of the 8 lanes of Xinyuan Li Xi Yi Xiang (Donggang road Jianshe Road) small East Gate Street (51 Road – Jianshe Road) Yang Shi Jie (Banpo Street – Jiefang Road (New) water Xi Guan Nan Jie Lu Bin He Dong Lu Ba Ling Nan Jie (North -) – Xiao Qiang Wu Yi Lu Han Xi Guan Jie) (new road Binhe Road Fang Dong Jie (Jiefang Road city) – North Xiao Dong Cang Xiang (wall) – Ma Xiang Wang Jia Xiang)相关的主题文章:

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