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Taizhou city police old wife Xie letter touched thousands of netizens recently, an article entitled "the wife of an old love letter" to the police, in the WeChat circle of friends crazy pass, oral hero is in Taizhou City Public Security Bureau police Ji Minchao. In the love letter, Ji Minchao recalled himself and his wife. 30 years ago, Ji Minchao entered the police academy was a poor boy, long not handsome, beautiful "girl" comes from the honest part of him, but also for her husband to decide naked marriage. Nearly 30 years of marriage, the sister took home the primary school to the Fudan University training arranged in good order, daughter, or mother-in-law daughter-in-law the most intimate, almost perfect interpretation of a virtuous wife and good mother, good wife and all family roles, let Ji Minchao can not help but in love with emotion: "have a good woman at home, that is how happiness!" I believe that many see the men, the face is the envy of the capital — a wife, zaikuzailei days can Aochu to warm and happy. Yesterday, the reporter interviewed the actor Ji Minchao, compared to young people show affection, "after 60" loving show, more let a person warm heart and moved. A bicycle, let students and girls together with interview, as it is a warm and homely chatter. Actor Ji Minchao, outgoing, open can not stop, the heroine Chen Jiesu quiet elegant tea, cut the apple on the side, the guests put down apple, she has been pumping two sheets of paper delivery to the hands. This set of houses in the middle size, only a few simple household appliances, decoration simple, many flowers and stones, such as furnishings, are the whole family gathered together every time when climbing. Ji Minchao and Chen Jiesu are the same age. Although the students, but in the last century in 70s and 80s, male and female students are still very few contacts, Ji Minchao in addition to know that there is a school called a female classmate of Chen Jiesu, did not say a word to each other. In 1985, Ji Minchao entered the provincial police academy, the following year, Chen Jiesu was admitted to the police academy. Because the new a batch of a fellow, so organized to help seniors see mentees, two people then began to warm up. After graduating from the police academy, Ji Minchao was assigned to the township police station, is the home of Chen Jiesu. For the convenience of home village, police units to distribute a bicycle; and Chen Jiesu internship in Chengguan police station when passing through the Ji Minchao home, where the police station, Ji Minchao will lend the bike to Chen Jiesu home. The two young men came closer and closer together in the end of the ride. At that time is how to look at the color value is not high, the condition is not good Ji Minchao? Chen Jiesu looked at her husband, said: "one can not see it, others are honest, but the talent is very good!" For the sake of her husband, she is such a pretty naked marriage "she decided at that time, I looked older, home penniless, to marry, my heart is worried." At that time in the countryside to get married, the dowry, wedding, some new items necessary additions plus six thousand or seven thousand yuan to spend. But at that time, Ji Minchao’s monthly salary is 112 yuan, after the savings have been used to repay the debt owed by the police read, is still a "Moonlight clan". Although parents are willing to raise money for the new season’s wedding, but the family of 6 brothers and sisters have to bother, Ji Minchao really do not want to see the father.相关的主题文章:

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