Tfboys the courage to face black history to go to school to trick

TFBOYS: the courage to face the black history to go to school to make fun of Sina entertainment news by TFBOYS starring campus drama "our youth" in the recently opened in Changsha! The TFBOYS for an exclusive dialogue. Scene three alone wearing a blue baseball uniform, with a baseball glove and a stick, a kind of mold! It is reported that, in order to shoot, three people have received a number of professional training, in the high school period of Wang Junkai [micro-blog], at the same time will take into account the shooting. But Wang source [micro-blog] students said, well, it can almost! The mention of "Tell me why" black history, Qian Xi also said to face a dark past". Now let’s see what they say! Baseball is not afraid of technology by the two "hand piece" with partial Sina entertainment: three what is the role in the play? Wang Junkai: my character in the play is Wu Tong. His family is flawed, so he is a cool kid, but at the same time he was particularly rebellious, because he had a dispute with his family, so he is a great contrast between the inside and outside of the people. Wang Yuan: my character is called the class Komatsu. Love is a very very hot blooded youth baseball, although he had the order, but he is growing more and more to the back 6, the soul is the baseball team, led everyone very happy atmosphere, with all the people to overcome all difficulties. Yi Xi smelt one thousand [micro-blog]: I played the role of Yin Ke. Very polite, because the mother is very strict, family education is a typical Chinese education. Mother is very strict, my father is very loose, so do those things are very calm, very conditioning. Sina entertainment: the same campus drama, this time and what is the difference? Wang Junkai: there are different, like the super boy password is mainly about the feelings of the three of us, the school has more stories with the school, not just talking about the feelings between us, will be more complex. Wang Yuan: this play is like a tree, tells the story of the students and teachers, but everyone is a point can be divergent, very satisfactory. Yi Xi smelt one thousand: this drama is "super junior code" a lot of "super boy" is how to prove that he is human, it is two. The play is in line with our image. Sina entertainment: this play has a lot of playing baseball, the feeling of three people who is better? Wang Junkai: I’m a bit weak in baseball and I don’t think it’s right. The ball will not hit the ball quickly, at least one or two hit each time, but they are more powerful than the two. Wang Yuan: we play baseball division of labor is different, different positions, but to receive professional training than the beginning of great progress. Yi Xi smelt one thousand: I catch more powerful, because I was watching the ball catcher, more accurate. Sina entertainment: the hand piece and Joker [micro-blog] teacher cooperation, afraid of being biased? Wang Junkai: No, in fact, is the most Joker teacher will adjust the atmosphere at the scene, particularly funny, but he is actually a particularly serious person, I have seen the teacher Joker script, covered)相关的主题文章:

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