The daughter of debt forgery transfer selling stolen property father jailed for 3 years – the Sohu n

Or daughter for the debt forgery transfer selling stolen property father jailed for 3 years – the Sohu news General fraud in between strangers or acquaintances, but rarely occurs in between close relatives. Recently, the city court hearing the case of a daughter with her father’s real estate fraud. In order to repay the loan owed, Sohn through the real estate license, notary and other means to sell his father’s house. Finally, in the case of his father’s understanding, the sun was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment, suspended for 3 years. Sell his father’s real estate 43 year old Sohn Department of Beijing. According to the prosecution allegations, Sohn from 2010 to 2011, by means of fictitious housing property certificate forgery and the victim Moumou (sun sun father) between the sale of housing by the fact that his father will all of a set of housing in Chaoyang District under the name of transfer to the sun. August 2011, Sohn will be the housing mortgage loans to the bank 1 million 200 thousand yuan. November 2011 to 2012, Sohn will be sold to the housing price of 1 million 350 thousand yuan zhang. After assessment, in August 2011 the housing market value of more than 170 yuan. Prosecutors believe that Sohn for illegal possession for the purpose of defrauding other people’s property, a huge amount, his behavior should be held criminally liable for fraud. Trial, Sohn father of the property after the fraud without objection. But Sohn said he had been deceived, she didn’t want to sell the house to others, so they should not constitute a crime of fraud. Forged documents transfer according to Sohn account, she has no stable income after leaving, during which borrowed 50 thousand yuan to a friend. In order to repay the loan, Sohn borrowed usury up to 30% per annum. Sohn is a work for the Guarantee Corporation friend Kim, Kim to complain after Kim, she had an idea, in her father’s house to the bank mortgage. Sohn worried about his father does not agree, they are prepared to keep the house of his father transferred to his name, and then do mortgage loans. Sohn from home real estate license will be stolen before, spend $500 to find someone to do a fake real estate license put in place. Since then, in order to transfer the property, sun forged a certificate, a man by false do content: Laosun commissioned Dengmou to sell its name houses, and commissioned Dengmou for housing transfer. In fact, Deng is a friend of Sohn, then Sohn and forged a housing sales contract, the contents of his father’s name to sell their houses. Sohn in a friend Kim, Deng’s help, holding a real estate license, fake notarization and sales contracts, the father’s house will be transferred to his own name. After the successful transfer of low-cost housing transfer, Sohn took the real estate license to the bank for the mortgage procedures, pay off the loan owed before. The thought that a debt free light has not been happy for a long time, and began to worry about how to bank loans. Kim told Sohn, he can find someone to help her on the house bank loans, but she needs to sell the house to the other side. Cornered Sohn had to agree, so Kim find lenders by Zhang, Zhang Sohn to help pay off the house loan, was released in the housing mortgage housing at the same time, Yu相关的主题文章:

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