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"The golden Bachelor" date of   exposure; users recognize the Empress Dowager viewfinder – entertainment channel, "golden Bachelor" date of exposure recently, a new model of marriage variety "the golden Bachelor" constantly broke news, well-known actor Baron Chen with 25 different high-quality female guests together dating. Understanding and experience together, choose a female guest success in hand. In this regard, Baron Chen himself not only in an interview, said the heart dark cool, but also in the micro-blog exposed ambiguous dreams, provoke fans ridicule: Master abstinence too long, I want to see a female guest." Reporters learned that the program will be full of romantic beach in Sanya, Shanghai "the times" and the Taiwan Island viewfinder shooting, sharp eyed netizens even from the program administrative micro-blog released photographs found in Greek Shipwreck Cove (descendants of the hot drama "the sun" was filmed this clue). Dating site called sister Liao holy land, it was a male star and 25 goddesses upcoming romantic love tour line! Baron Chen’s "time" to write a romantic French people Sinan mansion as a movie and fell in love with the city, some city as a movie and well-known, far and near. "A lot of camera small age 3" are taken from Shanghai Sinan mansion. CQ256, located at 256 South Chongqing Road, is a former sister house, now a multi-functional banquet hall. This building three storey veranda style historic building arched corridor is walking Sinan mansion, gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, can touch the French luxury and romance that are everywhere. Champagne dress, sweetie, "high cold young master Baron Chen will be what kind of spark and many female guests clean here? "The Bachelor" ultimate rendezvous exposure Baron Chen committed to Greece this year, network hit drama "the sun" by the descendants of the scraper, the male and female exotic dating sites "Greek Shipwreck Cove" has become a series of impressive "Liao Mei Shrine", countless lovers yearn for. In the Greek island of Zakynthos navagio Bay is known as the most beautiful place in the world, blue clear water, white sand, rust yellow wreck, excellent collocation! Light up the brain is Baron Chen wearing a white shirt and female guests stroll on the beach, talk is enough to make many sisters overwhelming! It is worth mentioning that the Greek station is the "golden Bachelor" ultimate rendezvous, not only with more Santorini Island surprise that a blue and white romantic, Baron Chen will be here and ultimately determine the female guests, for which a 1/25 love tour put a period. Style aesthetic, the male god accompanied, mango TV "golden Bachelor" is still in the global recruitment of female guests, landing mango TV official website, mango broadcast, or pay attention to the gold bachelor administrative micro-blog, you can understand the recruitment information, October and Baron Chen love! Navagio Bay tropical rainforest of Sanya Sanya beach Sinan mansion (commissioning editor: Jiang Bo, Li Yan)相关的主题文章:

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