The Golden Horse Award winner out of the egg yolk ending Feng Xiaogang won the best director of ente autobots

The Golden Horse Award winner out of the egg yolk ending: Feng Xiaogang won the best director – Sohu entertainment fifty-third Golden Horse Awards actor actress background photo fifty-third Golden Horse Awards full list of winners Sohu entertainment news (Zhang Ningwen Yuanhui video) the evening of November 26th, the fifty-third annual Golden Horse Awards ceremony held in Taipei. This result has many awards for best actress at the contrary to expectation, the egg yolk, the flower falls on "in July and she" nominated Dongyu Zhou and Ma Sichun for the first time.         jury chairman Xu Anhua explained that Fan Bingbing did not win the prize, because of the limitations of her play, always far away, less close-up. The "old gun" by Feng Xiaogang won the best actor this year won the best director, said previously because Xu Fan missed the golden horse and the fairness of the Golden Horse Awards are ambiguous, Feng Xiaogang thanked the awards for the mind, let him see justice. Best drama award awarded by the end of the mainland director Zhang Dalei’s award-winning debut "August" counterattack. Xu Anhua commented: "Zhang Dalei has a ghost directing skills." There is a surprise award is the "six lane cafe" Lin Baihong Award for best supporting actor, Wen Tianxiang awards committee revealed that in the evaluation of Chen Jianbin behind Lin Baihong’s performance has grown out of the lack of role, his performance has been underestimated. The red carpet actress Yan (click to see more red carpet HD) red carpet Watch: Fan Bingbing boasted of "red carpet show legs first beauty Tiffany Hsu wet hair Halter over steal the spotlight in recent years the golden horse award ceremony with rain’s fate is not shallow, this year is no exception, it can hide is the night star. The famous French actress Juliet – Binoche finale debut, a hollow skirt Hsu Chi retro elegant, Fan Bingbing, Dongyu Zhou, Ma Sichun, Tiffany Hsu, best actress finalists of the tricks. For the first time Nominated Golden Horse Award for best actress Fan Bingbing, with a height of open deep blue dress, appeared together with director Feng Xiaogang, aside Wang Zhonglei Bing Bing finishing your skirt. Fan Bingbing explained this shirt collocation golden handbag, which echoes the golden horse award. Taipei Bing Bing fans released enthusiastic screams for her, Fan Bingbing big show legs, on hearing the news that the question "is confident with the first red carpet beauty", she admitted: "the problem is not easy." The side of the director Feng Xiaogang, after the end of the red carpet pictures and hurried admission, did not accept the media interview. Tiffany Hsu’s red carpet style is to have a unique style, wet hair collocation hollow white dress, appeared on numerous film seckill. Tiffany Hsu said, until the red carpet before, she is still a choice between two sets of dress, finally chose it, because the dress "behind the effort, the vacuum design show back at the same time, she felt very elegant dress, for the occasion, but also with the whim of wet hair stylist collocation. Chang Chen hip-hop casual clothes is revealed, the red carpet together their own design and the wife of Eric Tsang Derek Tsang and his son Ke Zhendong in the red carpet red underwear campaign with "goodbye Mandalay" was nominated for best actor Ke Zhendong, appeared on the scene triggered high decibel screaming.相关的主题文章:

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