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IMITATION AS A MEANS OF INCREASING HUMAN EFFICIENCY Make More Money Online Best Online Business Opportunities Starting a Home Based Business What type of organization are you building trying to make more money online with the best online business opportunities? Take a look in the mirror, because your organization will look a lot like you do. The future leaders in your organization will imitate what you are doing, whether the good, the bad, or the ugly! True wisdom is easy to spotits timeless. If you are trying to make more money online, search out nuggets of time tested wisdom to help propel you from where you are to where your want to be. It can be interesting to look back in time and see how life and popular views have changed over the span of a generation or two, including the progression of thought in areas of business and commerce. Sometimes seeing what hasnt changed is just as interesting as what has stayed the same. If we look back, are there any business principles or practices that still apply to commerce on the Internet and using the best online business opportunities to make more money online today. Here are some thoughts from the early 1900s We have come to see that imitation is the greatest factor in the education of the young and a continuous process with all of us. The part of wisdom, then, is to utilize this power from which we cannot escape, by setting up a perfect copy for imitation. The child brought up by a Chinaman imitates the sounds he hears, hence speaks Chinese; brought up in an American home, English is his speech–ungrammatical or correct according to the usage of his companions. If one boy in a group walks on stilts or plays marbles, the others follow his example. If a social leader rides in an automobile, wears a Panama hat, or plays golf, all the members of this circle are restless till they have the same experience. The same phenomenon is seen in the professions and in business. If one bank decides to erect a building for its own use, other banks in the city begin to consult architects. If one manufacturer or distributor in a given field adopts a new policy in manufacturing or in extending his trade zone, his rivals immediately consider plans of a similar sort. Partly, of course, this act is defensive. In the main, however, imitation and emulation are at the bottom of the move. For the sake of clearness, in studying acts of imitation we separate them into two classes voluntary imitation (also called conscious imitation) and instinctive imitation (also known as suggestive imitation). A peculiar signature may strike my fancy so that consciously and deliberately I may try to imitate it. This is a clear case of voluntary imitation. Threading crowded city streets, I see a man crossing at a particular point and voluntarily follow in his path. In learning a new skating figure I watch an expert attentively and try to repeat his performance. In writing letters or advertisements or magazine articles, I analyze the work of other men and consciously imitate what seems best. Or I observe a fellow-laborer working faster than I, and forthwith try to catch and hold his pace. The contagion of yawning, on the other hand, is instinctive imitation. Also when in a crowd during the homeward evening rush, we instinctively quicken our pace though there may be no reason for hurry. For precisely similar reasons, a ”loafer” or a careless or inefficient workman will lower the efficiency or slow up the production of the men about him, no matter how earnest or industrious their natural habits. Night work by clerks, also, is taken by some office managers to indicate a slump in industry during the day. To correct this the individuals who are drags on the organization are discovered, and either are revitalized or discharged. I have seen more than one machine shop where production could have been materially raised by the simple expedient of weeding out the workmen who were satisfied with a mere living wage earned by piecework, thereby setting a dilatory example to the rest; and replacing them with fresh men ambitious to earn all they could, who would have been imitated by the others. In these instances it is assumed that the imitation is not voluntary, but that we unconsciously imitate whatever actions happen to catch our attention. For the negative action, the ”slowing down” process, we have the greater affinity simply because labor or exertion is naturally distasteful. One such influence or example, therefore, may sway us more than a dozen positive impulses towards industry. Imitation thus broadly considered is seen to be of the utmost importance in every walk of life. The greatest and most original genius is in the main a creature of imitation. By imitation he reaches the level of knowledge and skill attained by others; and upon this foundation builds his structure of original and creative thought, experiment, and achievement. Furthermore he does not imitate at random; but concentrates his activity on those things and persons in the line of his pursuits. Among my associates are both industrious and shiftless individuals. I instinctively imitate the actions of all those with whom I come in contact; but if I am sufficiently ambitious, I will consciously imitate the acts of the industrious. This patterning after energetic models will render me more active and efficient than would have been possible for me without such examples Good leaders build good organizations. Imitation is the most direct path to success. You no longer have to re-invent the wheel. Just get a good coach who you can imitate and who will plug you in to good marketing system. 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