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UnCategorized Vibe magazine is a popular magazine in the United States but not a lot of people know when it was started. Some of its readers thought that it started in 2006 while others believed that it started in the late ’90s. The truth is that it started in early ’90s. Why don’t we take a look at its history and find out when did Vibe magazine really start. It was musician Quincy Jones who started Vibe, a magazine about music and entertainment. He partnered with Time Inc. to ensure that they would be able to launch the magazine in 1993. For three years, the magazine was owned both by Jones and Time, Inc. until it was sold to Miller Publishing. In a short span of time, Vibe was then sold by Miller Publishing to Spin magazine. Vibe was owned by Spin for several years until it was bought by Wicks Group of .panies IN 2006. So now you know when did Vibe magazine start – it started in 1993, launched by Jone and Time, Inc. There are probably people who even think that Vibe would just be starting to be launched in 2009. The reason for this is the fact that InterMedia Partners, LP has been exerting effort in launching the magazine as soon as possible. What not a lot of people know is that it will just be a relaunch. InterMedia Partners was the one who bought Vibe from Wicks Group. Knowing who were the featured artists or musicians in Vibe will allow us to know when did Vibe magazine really start. Among those musicians are the late Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, Eminem, The Fugees, Li’l Wayne, Keyshia Cole, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Snoop Dogg, TLC, and Brandy. Some, if not all, of these musicians were already popular in the early ’90s. We can get an even clearer idea about the beginnings of this magazine by concentrating on its .petitors. Vibe focuses more on hip hop music and R&B than any other types of music. In this regard, the closest of its .petitors may be XXL and The Source, which focus on rap music. Rolling Stone may also be considered a .petitor. So, now, it is probably clear as to when did Vibe magazine start. While some of us thought that Vibe was somewhat new in the magazine industry, some of us would probably be surprised to know that it has been operating for more than ten years now. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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