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UnCategorized The Flow! The Flow! It’s the Holy Grail for most entrepreneurs. ‘How in the heck can I live in the Flow?’ You know what I mean- that space where things just magically… flow… from one thing to the next, there aren’t any challenges or problems, and life feels like a dream state, and you mysteriously end up holding the winning lottery ticket. I’ve heard from friends who are writing books, clients working on marketing, class participants struggling with financial issues. "When does it get easy? When do I get to the Flow?" Fuhgeddaboutit. (Translation from US Atlantic seaboard dialect: Forget about it.) Whenever someone asks me about how to get to the Flow, I ask them what they mean, even if I have a good idea of what they’ll say: "Well, you know. When I’m present in my physical body. Aware emotionally. Connected spiritually. And things that I’m doing just happen, seemingly effortlessly." "Ahh…," I invariably respond, "You’re talking about enlightenment." The Flow state is an Enlightened state. It’s a pretty heavy burden on yourself to try to reach an enlightened state, just to get your marketing done. Then again, if you could, that would be some wowee-zowee marketing, I’m sure. Don’t get me wrong- I don’t think you need to drop your desire for Flow into the dustbin. I just would ask you to be a little more compassionate with yourself if you have a voice that tells you, "This -should- be easier. I -should- be able to get into Flow." The Spiritual Secret to Flow Here it is. Ready? You might not like it. And, it might seem a little esoteric. But, the enlightened state of Flow is actually complete ego annihilation. Certain death for the ‘self’. An absence of ‘you’ in the large ‘All that is.’ And that’s not all. The Second Spiritual Secret to Flow You can’t do it. The removal of the ego, aka ‘spiritual suicide’ (am I scaring you… sorry. Just a little Sufi humor.) is not something that is within the power of the self. The ego can’t remove itself any more than you can lift yourself up by your own bootstrap. However, even if you can’t schedule enlightened Flow before your next deadline, there are some things that can make the going a little easier. Some are understandings, some are actions. All are key to being a little happier and productive when you are struggling. Keys to Faking the Flow * Are you hearing voices? When I wrote, ‘…if you have a voice that tells you…’ a few paragraphs ago, I wasn’t kidding. We all have internal voices, and it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with us. A voice is just a thought in words (as opposed to images or feelings.) "Ugh! You are so stupid." is a voice you might have. "You’ll never get this marketing done in time." Is another one. If you are feeling stuck, stop and identify the voices you are hearing. Write them down. Draw cute little flowers around them. These are just opinions that your mind has. Try this: take every opinion, and make it a sincere question. "Will I get this marketing done on time?" "Am I intelligent?" Making it a question takes away the certainty, releases some pressure, and raises the possibility of many different answers… * Check your own pulse When I was a paramedic, our instructors told us: "When you first walk onto a scene, and no matter what’s going on- people screaming, blood everywhere, whatever. First thing you do: take your own pulse." When things seem stuck or crazy, and a deadline is looming up behind you ready to nudge your rear fender, pull the emergency brake. Stop everything, and check your own pulse. It’s time for the Remembrance, or other heart-centering exercise. This may look like 10 seconds of breathing, 10 minutes of meditation or prayer, or even taking the whole afternoon off. Whatever you need to gain a larger perspective and a stronger heart connection. * Yell for Help Sometimes the question to ask isn’t: "How do I get this done?" Sometimes the question is: "What support do I need to get this done?" That support could be external- a coach, a friend, a colleague, your spouse. Or the support could be internal. That place in your heart that is feeling empty of love, depleted, needy. Taking the time to pray, meditate, whatever you need to do to connect to your Source can fill that place. In these times most often our instinctive prayer is: "Oh please, make this easier." Instead, I recommend asking, "Oh please, help me access more strength, more love, more support, because I need it, and no matter what I do, I can’t seem to manufacture it. Help me so I can truly be of service here." These three steps may not put you completely in the Flow, but they will help lighten your burden and ease the struggle. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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