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To commemorate the land, Ku sun written in capital letters "dictionary of life" [Abstract] Shakespeare once said: just as the dusk sun, at the end of the song and played more than the last sip of wine gave people the most warm memories, one end also is always better than his particularly affected people at all. In 1996, I was fortunate enough to become a disciple of Mr. Lu, in the cause of bilingual dictionary compilation in its guidance and tixie. After twenty years follow Mr. about the completion of the auxiliary "dictionary" supplement "of Contemporary English new words dictionary", "dictionary" (Second Edition) and other dictionaries compiled and revised. Review of the twenty years, Mr. for me as normal as the father as friends, Mr. charisma and rigorous attitude, always influence and affect everyone around him. 2007 February 1996 photo of Lu disciples teacher, Mr. Lu to recuperate in the fracture after a period of time I was taught, and the Foreign Languages Department of twenty 94 grade and 95 grade graduate students to choose the course of Mr. Shakespeare. Mr. Lu class humorous, informative, with the "Hamlett" skilled master degree and unique interpretation of the way to let the students feel. Shakespeare was addicted to reading and vocabulary study I, Mr. Lu was more profound knowledge and extensive vocabulary deeply impressed. In the diaries, Mr. Lu has mentioned two times: once I was in August 24th, he wrote: "the first grade graduate Gao Yongwei power transfer payment into the English expression, not evil"; another in October 20th, as Mr Gao Yongwei says: "there are calls, writing impulse distraught deep inferior peer works, do not blindly advise." Since November 1996, I have written a book with Mr. lu. From the words to choose cases to translation, Mr. hand taught me how to write entries, not when the eyes in the wrong picture to remind the. After the beginning of 1998, Mr. Lu encouraged me to pursue a doctorate, also said nothing in the book recommended by experts wrote a word of encouragement: "he is my doctor and master in English reading books, the Internet’s most diligent student most,…… It is familiar with the history and present situation of the study of new words in english." Mr. cordial encouragement and strict requirements have been inspired by the basic language skills are weak, I gave me great confidence. On the one hand, Mr. Zhang encouraged me to take part in the revision of the "new English Chinese Dictionary" century edition. On the other hand, he recommended me to set up the course of American newspapers and periodicals for undergraduates. Mr. Wei even I take responsibility, will "FLTRP" dictionary of Contemporary English new words part of the writing task given to me, the last book signed to put his name on the back of me. Mr. Sifu, under the door with a dozen, but his lay disciples beyond count on them, sir, is also the truth pay. The students of the "three" (i.e., care, care and care) not only changed people "through", and even can be said to change the trajectory of life a lot of students. Mr. love to teach undergraduates, he Thursday morning "essay" almost the audience not only has a full English major 3 senior student,:相关的主题文章:

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