The new food and Drug Administration seized destroyed a number of fake Red Bull (video) jessica rabbit

The new food and Drug Administration seized destroyed a number of fake "Red Bull" in October 27th, the district food and Drug Administration in the stone landfill, destroyed a number of fake health food. According to the food and drug administration, the concentration of fake health food harmless landfill disposal, is the authority of law enforcement officers were seized in the early times of anti-counterfeiting campaign. Including the marked "fake and shoddy products and packaging box Red Bull vitamin drink"; "Red Bull" empty cans, "Red Bull" lid and essence of fake and shoddy products and raw materials; and sealing machine, capping machine and other production equipment. Said the district food and drug administration, health food in recent years, the large market demand, it means criminals profit from fraud emerge in an endless stream to remind the public to buy health food, best to stay in mind, to prevent deception. How to identify the authenticity of health food? Law enforcement officers weapon said that consumers should identify health food false, can remember the measure: the first one is the purchase of health food should pay attention to see whether the packaging has the national health food industry, commonly known as "blue hat logo and approval number. The second trick is to enter the State Food and drug administration official website for data query. Because all health food must be approved by the State Food and Drug Administration approved the production, listing, where approved product information, can be found in the State Food and Drug Administration database query. The third measure is the most simple, adhere to qualified enterprises or places to buy. Because the health food business behavior needs to obtain the approval of the district food and drug administration, a qualified business can be more effective to ensure the legitimacy of the purchase channels, so as to ensure product quality. Purchase products must obtain valid shopping vouchers, tickets or invoices, which is an important evidence of consumer rights. [related] food and Drug Administration focused on the destruction of 12 tons of sulfuric acid rambutan"相关的主题文章:

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