The new three generals cos trigger adventure armor system unveiled actv

The new "three generals COS trigger adventure" armor system unveiled a three Zhuge two Zhao Lu Dian Wei, Sima and Guo Jia, three years before, a cloud, and like the rain, you must have the hearts of the people he loved? Adorable music network first "live NPC custom" online games "three", unveiled the armor system, let you wear the armor, triggering adventure to relive the classic plot. Now, let’s go and have a look! The new "three generals COS trigger adventure" armor system debut [several custom armor’s generals staged COS show] during the Three Kingdoms period, the generals were dressed like Lv Bu tend to become an independent school, such as the monkey like Shoumian Chain Armor, a host of Guan Yu green, with ten points high degree of recognition. Adorable "three" new music network according to the characteristics of each generals, counselors dress, customized Shoumian armor, serial Qiankun Zhuge gowns, clothing and other three ancient southern barbarian beast representative armor, build characteristic armor system. In the game, game player can through the main task, such as activation of the copy of the fall of armor, COS Lv Bu, Zhu Geliang and other heroes, or COS his beloved generals, staged a three COS show. The new "three generals COS trigger adventure" armor armor system debut [potential control technology] exclusive generals esoteric adorable "three" new music network according to the characteristics of each three characters, their armor gives different abilities, for example, game player wearing Shoumian serial armor, armor attack, damage will be greatly Zhuge; wear robes can make their own universe, violent injury relief, defense, etc. to enhance the property damage reduction. At the same time, armor and magic complement each other, for example, Shoumian armor and serial day painting Ji, Zhuge Qiankun gowns with dark flame volum’express, if the game player can also play the full set, will play a full potential, discover hidden esoteric skills. The new "three generals COS trigger adventure" armor system debut [armour soul awakening Open Exclusive adventure classic] review behind everything, maybe we do not know the hidden secrets, and three famous their armor behind, what kind of story? Adorable "three" new music network, game player through the war Jiasheng star, enhance the protagonist attribute, and when the armor can reach ten stars, awakening the spirit of armor, trigger adventure, exclusive characters such as when Shoumian interlink belt reaching ten star, game player can activate the classic "three British war Lv Bu plot, the incarnation of Lv Bu, a day painting Ji, foot chituma, battle of Taoyuan three brothers, even with their own strength to beat the mighty Guan erye. The new "three generals COS trigger adventure" armor system appeared in the Three Kingdoms, what are the people you love? Adorable music network "three" unveiled new armor system, until the game open test, you can COS the three generals, revisit the classic plot, PA arena. For more details, please pay attention to the new "three adorable music network"! Have fun and adorable on music! Pay attention to the official WeChat adorable music network, real time receiving new information, receive exclusive gifts, participate in the platform activities, there are more benefits in.相关的主题文章:

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