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The future for a period of time in Beijing collective fever epidemic risk increase – Beijing Youth Online November 11 Beijing Xinhua (Yao Xiujun Chinese Youth Daily? Youth online reporter Ma Beibei) today, the reporter from the Beijing municipal health and Family Planning Commission was informed that, at present, Beijing City, the number of reported cases of influenza like at a low level, did not reach the case early warning the level of influenza in Beijing city. However, since November 2016, the number of cases of influenza like illness in Beijing over two medical institutions has increased over the previous year, higher than the same period last year. Monitoring shows that the school in the city of Beijing flu pathogen, the forty-fourth week of 2016 (October 31, 2016 -2016 November 6th), the city’s total collection of 424 specimens of a detection of respiratory tract, influenza virus nucleic acid positive 27, positive rate was 6.37%, all specimens were positive for influenza a H3N2 influenza virus. Further detection of multiple respiratory pathogen for nearly two weeks of influenza like cases were showed in 20 samples, detected 1 influenza virus type 3 positive samples, 1 respiratory syncytial virus positive samples and 5 respiratory adenovirus positive samples. According to the results of influenza surveillance data in Beijing and the early warning analysis, the recent influenza virus activity in Beijing is still at a low level, and the influenza A (H3N2) influenza virus is dominant. At the same time, the results showed that the pathogens of the recent influenza like cases were respiratory tract adenovirus and other respiratory viruses. But as the temperature decreases, in the next period of time, the influenza virus activity will continue to increase, the risk of schools, kindergartens and other collective units appear on the epidemic of fever caused by the increase of influenza. At the same time, do not rule out the high risk of influenza in the crowd due to influenza caused by severe, critically ill and the possibility of death cases. Flu season is coming, for the prevention of influenza and other respiratory infectious diseases, Beijing City CDC remind the general public: raise awareness, pay attention to keep warm, timely add clothing; maintain good personal and environmental hygiene, wash their hands in the air; the absence of good quality window ventilation; should pay particular attention to frail elderly people and children, as far as possible not to crowded, polluted air spaces; not recommended to work sick; to the hospital, recommended to wear masks; influenza vaccination in a timely manner.相关的主题文章:

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