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The property market "New Deal" and don’t go — marriage property — original title: the property market "New Deal" and don’t go on to marriage even Shanghai divorce tide and new housing boom, the reason is said to be a rumor played a role. The rumors that Shanghai will further tighten credit, less than a year of divorce, the purchase and loan policy in accordance with the pre divorce family situation". Live in the city of Shanghai has not studied this new property urgent clarification Committee, but the "divorce property" is still in the marriage registration between the Department and the real estate trading center tight work. So many people in Shanghai to buy a house and put the marriage as a child’s play, it is to let people "quite understand", but also make many people feel a little very wrong". From a moral point of criticism, smart Shanghai people, this is not the Internet era style and rhythm. What’s more, Beijing and other big cities, divorce house is not without. So criticized the government real estate guidance policy, the problem, so that the voice is more obvious. For a lot of people in Shanghai to buy a marriage license for a divorce certificate does not care, the Internet is more lively when the public opinion, in addition to some inexplicable sense of urgency and crisis. In people’s eyes, this is clearly a signal of soaring prices. Also, see people live "out of the exclusion", so I can get along with the status quo,? China is a large society with a wide range of regional diversity and gap, but a few first tier cities often lead the atmosphere and value orientation of the whole country. Shanghai "marriage" and "housing" such a joint, it is estimated that the country will set off a long string of ripples, at least caused a lot of thinking and emotion. When the dignity of marriage can be purchased at the expense of the interests of the time, what our society has "can not be exchanged" noble, it is hard to say. This is done for more than two sets of housing, more precisely to property. That is to say, the extra benefits of fake divorce can be overwhelming for many people. In accordance with the current policy of Shanghai, if the purchase value of 10 million of housing, false divorce can reduce the purchase deed tax of $150 thousand, in addition to enjoy lower down payment ratio. I believe there are still a lot of people will never be willing to take the marriage to do a deal, but "greed this cheap" wrong? 150 thousand yuan less? Isn’t it important to have more or less down payment? After all, we are all living in the city in the marketplace "" tacky "dip our body. In the north of Guangzhou this metropolis, is out of money, and then go out is the price, give birth to a child is to give birth to a family economy always fill the big hole, we ordinary, most of the time is probably the foundation of being a good citizen in a big city. Anyway, have a good day to fake divorce, the couple again how practical than do not receive a marriage certificate is happy. What if it turns out to have a false reality? There are friends and family once know will not joke? The question is why the Department should use some policies to lure us fake divorce? The past marriage also has to play more, but the fake marriage. When the marriage can take a vacation a few days time. Not now相关的主题文章:

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