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The Spring Festival the scenic ushered in the peak travel tourists said the fair full of flavor – Sohu news CNR net Beijing on February 11th news China according to the voice of "news and newspaper abstract" reports, the Spring Festival holiday, scenic spots around the country have ushered in the peak travel, people climb mountains, visiting the temple, tour Town, enjoying the colorful traditional folk performances. Feel the thick atmosphere of the festival. Please listen to the report, take a blessing: the Spring Festival is a traditional custom of worshiping the incense Chinese. With the chant of prayer, the four seasons prayer meeting in Taishan kicked off yesterday morning in 2016. The lion dance, stilts, yangko dance, a variety of traditional folk Shehuo performances staged by one, lively and extraordinary. Statistics show that this year’s new year’s day, the number of tourists in Taishan reached more than 110 thousand people, visitors to cableway up the mountain need to queue for two hours. The Taishan general Qi Lei said the first monastery incense society, every Spring Festival, in the mountain pass on Taishan will be held in folk Shehuo performances, has been passed on for thousands of years. "These arts are intangible cultural heritage, and many are on the verge of dating, or lost some very exquisite skills." Early spring festival, many tourists choose to drive to Mount Huangshan to play, Mount Huangshan mouth high speed export row up more than one kilometer long queues. Ms. Zhao: it’s been an hour or so since the Chinese new year was celebrated, and there were so many people. In the Mount Huangshan Yuping cableway, tourists have lined up a long line. The snow on the distant mountain peaks also delighted visitors. Tourist Mr. Sheng said, this time taking advantage of the long holidays with his wife to Mount Huangshan play Mr. Sheng: step by step, a scenery of Mount Huangshan (I think), the past looked like postcards on the scene, there is an immersive feeling, really good. Statistics show that the number of people entering Mount Huangshan exceeded 40 thousand passengers yesterday. The Mount Huangshan scenic area to increase the capacity and reasonable measures the peak current limit. In the old town of Yingtan Mount Longhu in Jiangxi, the residents dance "hand Dragon Dance" and go to the house to pay New Year’s greetings. Tourists laugh with dragons and silk balls. "Dragon" is the ancient Lunar New Year Happy New Year folk customs, from the Tang Dynasty until now, a symbol of good weather, opening doors. Dragon Lady Wang: send lucky to people, send ruyi. All the year round. During the Spring Festival, the temple will do Yanzhao folk has also ushered in a lot of tourists. In the temple of the folk custom exhibition, from Anhui Mengcheng County Bi Hui old artist site shows the intangible cultural heritage, straw. An ordinary grass was made into a mantis in less than 2 minutes in his hand. Bi Hui: also follow the older generation, Grandpa, they have nothing to do to tease us play. Slowly learn this, and later learned the dragon, Phoenix, mantis, ah, looks like dozens of kinds of bar. In addition the dough, grass, blown sugar etc. these traditional folk arts are very popular. The children stood in front of the stall, waiting for the old artists to make their favorite animals. And the people busy to take pictures of these old crafts, aftertaste their beautiful childhood. Ms. Liu from Shijiazhuang: I heard that the temple fair was here, so I brought the kids.

春节各景区迎来旅游高峰 游客称逛庙会年味十足-搜狐新闻  央广网北京2月11日消息 据中国之声《新闻和报纸摘要》报道,春节假期,全国各地的景区纷纷迎来旅游高峰,人们登名山、逛庙会、游古镇,欣赏着各色的传统民俗表演,感受着浓浓的节日氛围。请听报道:   春节登高祈福、烧香拜祖是中国人的传统风俗。伴随着祈愿文的朗朗诵读, 2016年泰山祈福四季会昨天上午拉开序幕。舞狮、秧歌、高跷,各种传统民俗社火表演逐一上演,热闹非凡。统计显示,今年大年初一泰山游客数量达到11万人以上,游客坐索道上山需要排队两小时。中华泰山朝山总香社会首齐磊说,每到春节,在泰山的进山山口上都会举行民俗社火表演,已经传承了上千年。   “这些艺术都是非物质文化遗产,还有好多是濒临断代,或者是失传的一些非常精湛的技艺。”   大年初三一大早,不少游客都选择自驾来黄山游玩,黄山汤口高速出口排起了一公里多的长队。   游客赵女士:堵了有个把小时了,当时想春节大家都在家过年,没想到有这么多人。   在黄山玉屏索道口,游客们已经排起了长长的队伍。远处的山峰上若隐若现的积雪也让游客们欣喜不已。游客盛先生说,这次特意趁着长假带着爱人来黄山游玩   盛先生:一步一个景吧黄山(我觉得),以前看的好像都是明信片上的景,在这有个身临其境的感受,确实很好。   统计显示,昨天黄山进山人数突破4万人次。黄山风景区采取增加运力等措施合理错峰限流。   在江西鹰潭龙虎山的千年古镇上清,居民们舞起“手舞龙”,挨家挨户地拜年。游客们跟随舞龙和绣球欢笑雀跃。   “手舞龙”是古镇农历新年闹新春的民间习俗,从唐朝开始一直延续到现在,象征着风调雨顺,开市大吉。   舞龙者汪女士:给人送吉祥,送如意。全家一年到头万事如意。   春节期间,京畿燕赵民俗大庙会也迎来了大量游客。在庙会的民俗展区,来自安徽蒙城县的老艺人毕辉现场展示了非物质文化遗产��草编。一根普通的小草,在他手里2分钟不到就编制成一只螳螂。   毕辉:也是跟着老一辈吧,爷爷辈他们没事编点逗我们玩。慢慢就学这个,后来又学了这些龙啊、凤啊、螳螂啊,样子很多几十种吧。   除了草编外,捏面人、吹糖人等这些传统民间艺术都很受欢迎。孩子们站在摊位前翘首以盼,等着老艺人做出自己喜欢的动物。而大人们忙着给这些老手艺拍照留念,回味自己美好的童年。   石家庄市民刘女士:听说这儿过庙会,我就带着孩子过来了,让孩子体会一下,他们现在除了电视就是电脑什么的,一点儿过年的味儿都没有,你看现在多好啊,年味十足。相关的主题文章:

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