The stars concert bursting with popularity of Xie Chengyou was mistaken for the Korea Obama windjview

"The stars concert" bursting with popularity of Xie Chengyou was mistaken for the Korea Obama Tencent entertainment news recently, by the Shaanxi blue towards media sponsored and I have a youth club "as the theme of the concert will be staged at the Qujiang International Convention Center Auditorium hot, Zhuang Xinyan, Xie Chengyou, Alfa, He Yihang, Yifei etc. dozens of well-known singer singing their excellent songs representative, bring a distinctive and rare musical feast for the audience. The concert, Xie Chengyou song "follow" popular, leading the audience shouting "boiling Obama ~ Caesar waves hey Yo" mistaken for a South Korean small meat, a hot spot. Xie Chengyou began to "you" live, "which had loved" personal album hot popular songs, cheerful dynamic temperament, catchy lyrics, the audience raised his hands with the rhythm track unable to restrain the emotions swinging hands. Xie Chengyou in singing dancing, the scene was "Hey explosion". It is reported that Xie Chengyou is in the LAN Media’s 90 original singer, released 2015 solo single "tangled" after the official debut, launched a "simple" and "low-key", "follow" and other original songs, in July 2015 starred in the movie "goddess" by female man shooting, 2016 to participate in the film "the best" grass root shoot once in CCTV-3 "Avenue of stars" and "CCTV-7" praise for you as a guest judge. Is a full range of all-round development of artists, looking forward to Xie Chengyou in the interpretation of the road farther and farther!相关的主题文章:

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