The Third International Youth Art Exhibition in Zhongshan ca1805

The Third International Youth Art Exhibition was unveiled in Zhongshan in November 11, 2016, "the art of the future and the 2016 (Zhongshan) the Third International Youth Art Fair" opened in Zhongshan Expo center. The future of art Zhongshan International Youth Art Fair from the founding in 2014, "Mr. Sun Zhongshan on the occasion of the 150 anniversary of the birth of" usher in the opening ceremony of the third session, the "art of the future" by the famous art critic and curator Wu Hong featuring general planning. Compared with the previous two sessions, this year’s "art of the future" in the scale has expanded substantially, dozens of important artists, Shang Yang, Xiao Lu, Zhang Bochun, Sui Jianguo, Wang Jinsong, Wang Youshen, Lu Hao, Chen Zhiguang, Wang Mai, Song Yonghong, Yang Shaobin, Meng Luding, Yin Zhaoyang as the representative of the work set in Zhongshan. The opening ceremony of the 2016 session of the third (Zhongshan) International Youth Art Fair, from a structural point of view, its appearance is an international biennial form. The 6 theme exhibition (International and Misreading — Chinese contemporary art exhibition of Zhongshan, East Qiming — the period of the Republic of China classic painting exhibition, looking back at the first session of Chinese — Art Media Annual Awards, the reconstruction of the other young artists groups — Songzhuang phenomenon on the exhibition, differance sign — new Chinese ink painting exhibition, exotic imagination — Modern South of the Five Ridges architecture art exhibition), 8 thematic exhibition, 2 special exhibitions, 3 campus exhibition, with South Korea 10 invited galleries, 9 domestic galleries, a total of 38 display area, display more than 1200 pieces of works of nearly 500 artists. In addition, "the art of the future" for the first time to set up the guest country, two guest country respectively in Czech and South korea. Curator Wu Hong will set the theme of "international art fair and Misreading", as one of the exhibition. "That is, in a symbolic way of expression, reflecting the more than a century, the Chinese art community has shown the" native "and" foreign ", ‘traditional’ and ‘contemporary’ change pattern. Here, change is a necessity, is an opportunity and opportunity; at the same time, change is just a process, not the result. To some extent, change or even a "politically correct", is a correct attitude to indicate the position. And how to change? What to become? It is often difficult to get rid of the tradition of their own culture to understand each other, so, along with the cultural change is actually a kind of cultural misreading. Here, the entanglement of various professional "scholarly" problem, hidden in the bottom of a variety of value judgment in, is nothing more than "rearranging the national heritage" and "Westernization" and "western" three "force" competition and collision. Of course, the background in different era, in the face of different social problems, this deep will be displayed in various wrestling variant problems." The occasion and Misreading — China contemporary art exhibition of Zhongshan as a part of the theme exhibition "the most important concern is in fact nearly 1.5 century modernization efforts and practice China under the background of visual art for thinking and expression of various social and cultural issues in every historical period, these constitute the the exhibition of exogenous thinking space; at the same time, in the text.相关的主题文章:

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