The Tiananmen gate to replace the portrait of Chairman Mao visitors and new portrait photo Beijing – marie digby

The Tiananmen gate to replace the portrait of Chairman Mao visitors and new portrait photo taken Beijing newspaper news (reporter Wang Wei) for the 67 anniversary of National Day is coming, last night, the Tiananmen gate like Chairman Mao ushered in the annual "new work". After 40 minutes of construction operations, the latest drawing of the Chairman Mao like hanging in Tiananmen city upstairs. Under the spotlight, the new picture is full of color. 22:40 last night, the official start of the replacement work. The replacement, the use of two cranes and a truck. The replacement work started after a crane first from the Tiananmen gate door slowly pulled out, several construction workers immediately boarded tower, where to hang the portrait of Chairman Mao leaned, carefully hung a portrait of the old year gently picked, and with a crane hanging from the hanging position. Subsequently, the jib crane slowly lifted again, the top new portrait firmly hooked on the truck parked in the central, close to the Tiananmen gate. A few minutes later, the new painted portrait of Chairman Mao is suspended at 23:23 in Tiananmen square, central, replacement work is completed. The whole process lasted more than and 40 minutes. The new portrait replacement is completed, some tourists still tour in Tiananmen square in front of the camera and have raised the new portrait photo. It is understood that on the eve of the annual National Day, the Tiananmen gate must replace the new portrait of Chairman Mao, is exposed to the weather is slightly faded old portrait was removed. Wait until next year, the artist will put old portraits for processing, after processing the canvas and then carefully draw a new picture of Chairman Mao, the National Day on the eve of the old portrait of a year replaced. Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that the portrait of Chairman Mao 6 meters high, width of 4.6 meters, plus the box, with a total weight of up to 1.5 tons. Photo reporter Hao Yi相关的主题文章:

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