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The turu "Lawrence sunspot farewell" hero mother interpretation of chivalrous spirit – "mother" entertainment Sohu sunspot decorated high stack of firewood Sohu entertainment news recently, written and directed by Guo Jingyu, Yue Lina, Yu Yi starred in the legendary drama "love" is the mother of Beijing like a raging fire shooting, once the legendary play "dog". In both Lawrence turu the suction strength powder numerous actors in the drama as the sunspot, defend the head high stack of firewood, the depth of interpretation of heroic and chivalrous spirit. The "farewell Lawrence turu" star officer in the Niang chivalrous legend big play "dog stick", played the villain bloody sunspot turu, was originally a kind of children, good children, was also the the Great Wall in the Anti Japanese war hero, but eventually became the largest Rehe traitors, is a complex character. In this role, I also said "the sunspot is too difficult to figure out the role of the conversion feeling, let a person feel very Ningba, especially heart tangled, played out this drama, I really lost a layer of skin". But in the end, with many years of good performance and superb acting, the three-dimensional image that a sunspot turu angle deduction, and by virtue of the role of harvest many audiences. The turu is different from the "dog stick" in a paradox, "Mother Road" in sunspot as officers of high stack of firewood is a very good person chivalrous spirit, say things to go straight, neat, quite aspect. The interpretation of a stack of firewood high chivalrous heroism in depth interpretation as sunspots high stack of firewood due to childhood poverty, her parents died early, very early a person make a living away from home. He is fond of martial arts, see beat people worship and worship as a teacher, more than and 30 master, grew up to be a secret rivals with swords and well versed in martial arts Paladin jian. When walking the lakes, see the way people robbed the old landlord bully female has come to the rescue, but also changed his life, later met Liu Yingniang (Yue Lina ornaments), Long Yan Zong (Yu Yi ornaments), and join the army officers as foreshadowed. It is reported that the "road" is the mother sunspot following the "Red Lady" "dog stick" "brave heart" after fourth times and co director Guo Jingyu, after the previous several drama in sunspots and director Guo Jingyu is already full of understanding, presumably the "road" in the mother will show the high stack of firewood more exciting.   相关的主题文章:

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