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The WeChat   V brush fault measure; open end reading volume has shrunk dramatically — Sichuan channel — original title: WeChat brush tool "paralysis", V "show" the WeChat circle of friends exposed brush machine failure "shop owner said the screenshot can continue to brush 28 page screenshot yesterday. A WeChat article brush failure message tank fire in the WeChat circle of friends. This is not a simple machine fault, the fault of so many big marketing V real reading exposure, some from 2 down to 630 over the original. Yesterday, the WeChat team issued a response, saying it will continue to strengthen the technical means to ensure the authenticity of the platform, fair and just, do not welcome false prosperity. However, this complete black industry chain has long existed. The amount of reading there is a substantial difference between the 28 evening, WeChat circle of friends exposed WeChat public number reading the amount of brush amount of machine failure, so that the real amount of reading a number of marketing big V exposure. Then there are friends drying out some of the huge differences in the amount of reading article marketing. A well-known example of V, the 28 day before the single article reading amount is more than 20 thousand, and the amount of reading after fault is only 630, the difference is very obvious. Brush the amount of machine failure events continue to ferment the next day, more and more minutes to read the amount of thousands of large V who exposed the true face". There is a big V document it with innocence, said the amount of reading an article to judge whether the brush data is unfair, but more V choose silence. Far in Germany, just days, was a variety of information, telephone wake up. I was lucky to be named! The influence is big enough! This is a good thing I look forward to, WeChat public environment is the need to purify the! Only in this way can the value of return, the real competition quality and content of the article……" Beijing, a large number of WeChat V public domain in the field of such a response. The big V is one of the first batch of commercial income realized by the public number of WeChat, one of the public number of articles usually read more than 20 thousand in general, but only a few hundred yesterday morning, is considered the most serious contraction. WeChat public operators Xiaobin (a pseudonym) always adhere to the original content, but the amount of reading is not stable, sometimes can reach more than 5000, sometimes less than 1000, "someone is looking for me, willing to pay for the original content, but he was the first to my request is, put all the WeChat reading the amount of brush again. How to more than 2000, otherwise unable to account for the company." Xiao Bin said, he finally decided to go with the flow, "originally did not want to play, because the money to brush data." In fact, WeChat in the contents of the public number operations, an article worth thousands of dollars to several million, or even ten million, including payment indexes: the public number of fans, the amount of reading, like the number of points, in these indicators, the number of fans is not open, on the number of fans only 1000, can also be filled into thousands of shouting; reading volume and the number of points praise can be out of the brush, water more space. Now a lot of people will look at the "appreciation" number, after all, is the real money相关的主题文章:

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