Top 10 Free Online Grammar-check Tools Have You Ever Checked

A persons writing may exude literary expertise and a superlative degree of knowledge on the subject, however if it is presented in grammatically incorrect language and with spelling errors, then it would never create the desired impact on the reader. Giving an unprofessional feel, the content would not be successful at building trust in the audience therefore, defeating the whole purpose behind the writing. Additionally, the search engine would not be able to understand the content and thus it is not good for SEO too. This calls on the need for efficient and convenient tools for grammar and spell check. There are many free online tools for grammar check available these days. I am discussing some good ones below: 1) This tool lets you submit the article on the form provided. Then when you click on the check button, it comes up with the errors and correction advice. Then you apply the suggestions wherever needed. It then checks again for grammar usage and spelling and gives the final verdict. 2) This is another powerful free online tool for grammar check, spelling check, proof reading, plagiarism detection and much more to help you improve your writing quality and style as it offers valuable suggestions on language and its usage. 3) This software is a powerful open source style and grammar checker that recognizes more than 20 languages including English and offers great suggestions after identifying the errors. 4) Reverso is not only an intelligent speller and grammar checker but can also translate your articles into several languages, and also helps in verb conjugation. It also has a dictionary available for quick look-ups at alternate word options and meanings. 5) This tool fixes all spelling and grammar errors and enhances your writing. It identifies multiple languages including English, meeting the needs of most people worldwide. 6) Grammar Base checks instantly for errors in grammar, punctuation, style, plagiarism and contextual spelling. Different kinds of errors are underlined with different colors. The tool is very convenient to use. 7) This is an advanced grammar check solution which points out errors that we cannot find by ourselves sometimes. It also displays corrective suggestions for the writing flaws, which is wonderful. Also, it allows you to paste articles as long as 2000 words at once. 8) This software is a free online tool for English grammar check that helps everyone who needs to check grammar and spelling, whether he is a native English speaker or a novice learner. 9) This is also a very easy to use grammar check tool available for online use. There is a textbox provided to copy and paste your text into. Then you need to click on the Check Text button under the textbox. The software points out the incorrect words and offers suggestions for improvement. The spelling suggestions are marked red and the grammar suggestions are marked green. 10) This is an excellent software for checking grammar, spelling and Thesaurus (synonyms) which is available online for free. Article Resource: ..articlesbase../languages-articles/top-10-free-online-grammar-check-tools-have-you-ever-checked-7080049.html About the Author: By: Tanisha Williams – If you want to have success in selling ebooks for young adults, it is vital that you sustain their interest in your work. If you are writing a series, it is not only important that you write your book … By: James Marton – Every Muslim is well known that Hajj as an obligatory pilgrimage and has to be undertaken by each Muslim who has the ability to do so financially as well as physically. 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