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High capacity battery can be folded, waterproof paper "environmental protection also with smart devices in bigger, more powerful performance, battery life for the challenge is also growing, the world’s scientists are busy trying to solve the problems. Swedish scientists have developed such as a battery "paper", made of nano cellulose, the paper fiber can do only 20 nanometers thick, (human hair diameter of about 100000 nm, is 5000 times the thickness of the fiber. In the outer layer of the nanofiber, a charged polystyrene plastic is dissolved in the aqueous solution. When these nanofibers are covered with charged plastic, they become paper cells with a thickness of only a few millimeters". A paper cell with a diameter of 15 centimeters can store as much as 1 Fala’s power, which is comparable to the super capacitor battery seen on the market today. In addition to full power, this "paper cell" and paper like flexible, even thousands of folding paper cranes, ultra-thin, flexible electronic devices that there will be a good partner. The "paper battery" does not contain any harmful chemicals or heavy metals, but it can also be waterproof. The remaining question is how to scale production.

超高容量“纸电池” 能折叠、防水还环保   随着智能设备屏幕越来越大、性能越来越强,对于电池续航的挑战也越来越大,全球的科学家也都在忙着解决这个世界难题。   瑞典科学家就研制出了这种能作为电池的“纸”,由纳米纤维素制成,这种“纸”的纤维能做到只有20纳米厚,(人的头发直径约为100000纳米,是该纤维厚度的5000倍。)在纳米纤维的外层,覆盖着一层溶解在水溶液里的带电聚苯乙烯塑料。   当这些纳米纤维覆盖上带电塑料后,就成了厚度只有零点几毫米的“纸电池”。一张直径15厘米的“纸电池”能储存高达1法拉的电量,这已经可以和目前市场上见到的超级电容电池相媲美。   除了电力十足,这种“纸电池”还有纸一样的柔性,甚至能折叠成千纸鹤,超薄、可弯曲电子设备这会有好搭档了。这种“纸电池”还不含任何有害化学物质或重金属,而且还能够防水。   现在剩下的问题就是如何规模化生产了。相关的主题文章:

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