US data boost US dollar yen return to Europe-sunny came home

The United States data to boost the dollar yen back in Europe continue to worry Huitong network 2 26 April – Tuesday (2 25) the dollar index rose slightly, so the manufacturing industry before the United States released data show strong recovery in manufacturing, activation of each market risk appetite. At present, investors on whether the Fed rate hike in March to doubt even suspect that this year can grow with each passing day, it is difficult to raise interest rates again, the dollar has made significant progress today, the euro rose 0.1%, to 1.1024. January U.S. durable goods orders the biggest increase in 10 months, due to popular demand rise, manufacturing industry struggling to see a glimmer of hope, also made in recent days the market impact of hedging cool tone. French Paris bank currencies strategist Vassili Serebriakov said, "the dollar is the main theme of today, strong U.S. data and the stock market and rising oil prices support the dollar yen rebound data support the dollar against the yen, also eased risk aversion." In late trading in New York, the dollar rose 0.6% to 112.92, and the dollar index fell slightly, to 97.41. Thu Lan Nguyen, a strategist at Commerzbank, said that the yen, which has been pushed up by risk appetite in recent days, weakened on Thursday. But I don’t think the alarm has been lifted. We see the continued weakness of China’s stock market and oil markets as a big risk." GBPUSD is difficult from the seven year lows this week will be created in 2009 to the biggest weekly decline, as investors worried that the UK may withdraw from the eu. State Street North America macro strategy department head Lee Ferridge said, "this week is affected by the maximum amplitude back in Europe worries plagued pounds, the first half of this year will continue to be the focus of the pound, until the British referendum." European and American stock markets rose on Thursday, and crude oil futures jumped in the us. Beijing time 7:03, the dollar yen reported 112.9193. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

美国数据助推美元兑日元 退欧忧虑继续施   汇通网2月26日讯——周四(2月25日)美元指数微涨,因此前美国公布的制造业数据强劲,显示制造业复苏,激活了各个市场的风险意愿。   目前投资人对美联储是否能在3月升息的怀疑与日俱增,甚至怀疑今年能否再次升息,美元难以取得明显进展,欧元今日升0.1%,报1.1024。   1月美国耐久财订单增幅为10个月来最大,因需求普遍回升,在困境中挣扎的制造业看到了一线曙光,也令近几日影响市场的避险基调降温。   法国巴黎银行汇市策略师Vassili Serebriakov表示,“美元兑日元是今日的主要题材,美国数据强劲及股市和油价上涨扶助美元 日元反弹,数据扶助美元兑日元,也缓和了避险情绪。”   纽约尾盘,美元兑日元升0.6%,报112.92,美元指数小跌,报97.41。   德国商业银行策略师Thu Lan Nguyen表示,“近几日受风险意愿低迷推高的日元周四走软。但我不认为警报已解除。我们将中国股市及油市持续疲软视为一大风险。”   英镑兑美元难以脱离七年低点,本周势将创2009年来最大单周跌幅,因投资人担心英国可能退出欧盟。   State Street北美宏观策略部门主管Lee Ferridge表示,“本周波幅最大的是受退欧忧虑困扰的英镑,今年上半年英镑仍将是焦点,直至英国公投。”   周四欧美股市上涨,美国原油期货跳升。   北京时间7:03 美元兑日元报112.91 93。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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