Wang Ou weekend parents smooth fixing goddesses sweet adorable mother subtly malicious (video) w-inds.

Wang Ou "weekend parents" smooth fixing goddesses sweet adorable mother subtly malicious "weekend parents" starring Wang Ou Hawick Lau Song Trailer exposure Tencent entertainment news recently, Huace Hatton’s drama by the core culture, Jiaxing media, Shenzhen TV CO produced, producer Teng Wenji, director Wang Wei, screenwriter Fei Huijun, starring Hawick Lau, Wang Ou, Li Xiaoliang. Zhang Meng and other common interpretation of the "new parent-child relationship" "parents" in the topic of drama weekend filming lasted more than 3 months, finally ushered in Shanghai was shot. The play since the shooting would lead users attention. Whether it is Wang Ou’s strongest partner, or very close to the life of the family parenting theme, the play has become one of the most anticipated TV drama of the next. For the first time to challenge the city of light comedy Wang Ou adorable adorable mother Zhao Jiani, and co starred in the 80 after the parents of the parents, together with the child rearing process in the face of all kinds of difficulties in the process of cooperation in the process of raising children in the process of raising children, parents and parents in the light of the. Wang Ou plays Zhao Jiani, gentle and generous, full of women, but also hidden in the character of stubbornness and persistence, finally to the son of the family love her in modern life, the complicated and protect their own lives love. Wang Ou had played the role of a simple but extremely cruel and merciless subtly malicious, gentle and full of positive energy is Zhao Jiani Wang Ou once again challenge his new role, the role in the interpretation and ease of unremittingly efforts more personality charm. In recent years, Wang Ou’s works in the field of TV series have won a good reputation, shaping the image of the people deeply rooted, acting is also widely acclaimed. The new TV hit, but also full of sincerity, designed to support the hearts of loved her audience.相关的主题文章:

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