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UnCategorized Some call it Spam, junk mail or trash, but I look at it in a different way; work at home in.e opportunities. Please let me explain. When I started to work at home I signed up for every newsletter and in.e opportunity that I surfed into on the Internet. Then the emails started .ing, and never ended. After a short period of time I started looking at them differently. I found myself looking beyond the hype and tried to look through it back to where it came from and determine what the sender, or more importantly the writer of the message was trying to make me do. I struggled like most everyone else starting out, but got some good advice through one of the work at home programs I joined. The advice was to build a content rich site, write articles and build a list. Well I thought easy for the guru’s to say that but just how am I going to do that? Where do I get the content for my site, the ideas for articles and how do I market to my list? So by now you might have guessed it the light went on, all that "in.e opportunities" junk mail I have been getting is filled full of ideas and keywords for articles. And the marketing material and sales pitches were all .ing in too! Not to mention the next big ClickBank item to pitch to my list. It started getting too easy; the guru’s were sending me almost everything I needed. I didn’t need to search for the next big thing to promote it was getting promoted to me, just repackage, and zip it off. My Proven In.e Opportunity Blog has been neglected for a few days; no problem here is an idea in my inbox, read, do a little more research, write a quick post, ping. I was fortunate enough to build a list relatively quickly full of others wanting to work at home. The program I joined had filled my autoresponder with a years worth of follow ups but I had no idea how to put more punch into the messages or to write broadcast messages for other in.e opportunities. Well guess what I learned from our spamming friends? You guessed it! Marketing 101 follow the messages, the good ones all have a pattern to pull you in and then gently nudge you where they want you to go. Others scream for "urgent" action. Learn from them just don’t delete it! Some say the work at home Internet business is the hardest and most .petitive Internet marketing niche, it may be but it also has the most material available to use to your advantage. It used to hate checking my email because my curiosity would have me reading all the hype and clicking links to find the easy money. But now my curiosity takes me there because I want to learn how to make real money. Learning how to promote work at home in.e opportunities is pretty easy if you know where to look, check your trash. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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