Xun is one of the most ancient musical instrument is originally used to hunt denka

Xun is one of the most ancient musical instrument is originally used to hunt the Tang people face figure 1 Figure 2 Xun Gongyi Baihe kiln unearthed face Xun Xun fan is one of the oldest musical instruments in China, early in the Neolithic age, people hunting rope on the stone or ceramic ball shot prey, some stone ball, hollow ceramic ball, picked up will be issued to hear. So the ancients get inspiration, they take this ceramic ball as an instrument. Early Xun has only one sound, later developed into porous. This is a piece of pottery Xun people face (Figure 1), the maximum diameter of 4.3 cm, unearthed in 2003 in Anhui County of Suixi province Baishan Town Liu Zicun, are now stored in Anhui museum. Xun positive mold printing face shape, a round head with God, nose mouth with tall, beard, forehead circle imprinted hair ornaments, people face yellow and green two color glaze, glaze evenly, slightly small fight. Xun back wadding glaze, the top hole is hollow. The utility model has the advantages of small size, simple structure and small toys for children to play. This person face Xun is also a piece of small objects, Sancai pottery. As everyone knows the Tang is an exotic flower in the garden of the Chinese ceramic art, is a kind of low temperature glazed pottery, with white clay to tire, containing copper, iron, cobalt, manganese and other elements of the mineral as glaze colorant, and a lot of smelting slag and lead ash added in underglaze as flux, after 800 DEG C firing temperature. To lead the oxidant as flux, reduces the melting temperature of the glaze, with diffusion and flow to make all kinds of color glaze, color glaze mutual infiltration, forming a colorful. "Tang Dynasty" glaze like green, blue, yellow, white, brown, red and other colors, with the various colors in three or more than three, is the true meaning of the life, and some only one color, it can be called "single color, with two colors, said" two color". Strictly speaking, the people face Xun belonging to the "two color", of course, Tang is the general term, is not a bad idea. The main origin of Tang Dynasty is the Gongxian kiln, kiln in this Gongyi City, Henan Province, Baihe Village Yellow smelt metal etc.. The history of Gongxian kiln production of ceramics of long history, began in the Han Dynasty, developed in the Northern Wei Dynasty, mature in Sui Dynasty, reached its peak in the Tang Dynasty, the decline in the song. In its heyday in the Tang Dynasty, when the Gongxian kiln firing are abundant, to burn white, burning glaze, blue glaze, black glaze, glaze color porcelain, and its production of three pottery, marbledware and blue and white in the Tang Dynasty is unrivaled in the world, to the extremely important role in the development of China ceramics. 2005 – 2007 in Gongyi city of Baihe kiln site excavations, had unearthed human face Xun fan (Figure 2), red child, hemispherical, image pattern is clear, the outer ring of the inner maximum diameter of 6.4 cm, about 4.3 cm in diameter, is the production of the human face shape impression xun. At the same time, also unearthed 3colour people face in Baihe kiln Xun, about 4 cm in diameter, which are well documented, this person should be the Tang Dynasty Xun Tang mask Gongxian kiln products. Finally, to talk about this cultural relic unearthed – Anhui County of Suixi province Baishan town of the famous Liu Zicun, Tang Dayun)相关的主题文章:

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