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Yin Zhusheng hit "Adorable" stupid "villain task" black humor powder – Entertainment Sohu Yin Zhusheng "mission impossible" actor Yin Zhusheng Sohu entertainment news in recent years, there have been the theme of TV drama appeared in the audience’s vision, but also a lot of drama become hot search, a new type of war drama "impossible complete the task" since the launch has attracted more and more attention, and the acclaimed. Among them, as the enemy Da Zuo Takahashi’s Yin Zhusheng once again to challenge myself, from language to expression, the transnational character interpretation of the unique, I look a bit hard, but there are some "Adorable look stupid", because the versatility of this character, is the audience of Yin Zhusheng’s acting performance have more expectations. Yin Zhusheng and the fans love interaction is like not hate the villain "with the plot development, played by Yin Zhusheng Takahashi in order to catch the sky, several raids in the city, the people around is suspicious, and from human weakness of alienation is hand guard, frequent act tough and talk soft. However, has yet to find the blue sky, the enemy of Da Zuo’s "Adorable stupid" people also caused the attention of the audience. There are fans on micro-blog bluntly, said the role of the media can not hate it." Yin Zhusheng lovingly reply to fans, the character "analytic seemingly not clever, but actually very cunning!" There is also a group of fans love to respond to praise. Yin Zhusheng continues to play a "night owl" constitution was found in recent years, whether in the drama or television drama, whether it is positive or the role of the villain, Yin Zhusheng conquered another batch of discerning audience with superb acting, but also into the circle of more and more loyal fans. This "mission impossible" is hit, "the brave victory", "over there", "Huo Qing" continue to be Buddha not in the film, it’s time. Yin Zhusheng to midnight Bo, fans joked, "Daddy is a night owl." But there are also fans worried, "Dad this year to show queue care so much, to have a good rest!" A love message really adds a lot of warmth in the winter.相关的主题文章:

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