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Pets People love parrots, there is no denying it. They are a fascinating bird and what people love so much about them is the fact that they can easily be taught tricks and to talk. There are a range of parrot tricks and one of the first that is taught to a parrot is how to ‘step up’ onto your hand. Parrot tricks are great for your pet parrot because if the owner is not around they can be.e quite lonely and bored which is not good for their health. They are flock birds and if they do not have a .panion in the cage with them then they need to be taught tricks so that they do not be.e upset and unwell. A happy parrot is an amazingly good .panion. Here is something that can be taught to a pet parrot. Because owners like to carry their parrot around, ‘stepping up’ is one of the first tricks often taught. This is simply getting the parrot to step onto your finger (or arm if it is a larger bird). Extend your finger in front of the parrot’s feet and ask it to "step up". Repeat this .mand several times in a calm, soothing voice so as not to frighten the bird. If necessary, hold some food in front of the bird, out of reach so that it will move forward. Once the bird has done what is expected of it, give it a treat. Getting the parrot to "turn around" is another trick that can be learnt quite quickly. The idea is to get the parrot to do a full turn on the perch. To start this trick, hold a piece of food to the side of the parrot so that it has to turn its head. Ask it to "turn around" and as it reaches for the food move it behind the bird so that it turns .pletely around on the perch. Once it has turned around, give it a treat. As your parrot starts to build more confidence you will see that they actually will introduce some tricks of their own. The tricks that they get up to will depend on the type of toys that you give them. They have really inquisitive minds and like small children, they will find things to do with new toys. Teaching a parrot to talk. One of the very important steps when teaching a parrot to talk is to talk loudly clearly. Each syllable needs clear pronunciation so that the parrot can hear and be able to mimic the sounds. It is best to teach the parrot only a few words at a time otherwise they will get confused, and also it is best if there is only one teacher. This way the parrot gets used to the vocal sounds and is not confused by the different accents and voice tone. Your parrot will love the interaction with tricks and talking lessons, so enjoy this time with him. You can bet that all that praise you give him will not be lost and he will just love it. Copyright (c) 2010 Kaye Dennan About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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