Yunnan Yuanmou debris flow more than 1 thousand and 200 people are repair of Chengdu Kunming Railway-yo te amo

Yunnan Yuanmou debris flow: more than 1 thousand and 200 people are repair Beijing Chengdu Kunming Railway in Kunming in September 18, Xinhua (reporter Ji Zhepeng) reporter from the Yunnan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Chuxiong province Yuanmou county government was informed that as of 18 May 18, Yuanmou county "9? 17" debris flow disasters have caused 1 people lost 7 wounded the Chengdu Kunming Railway disruption. At present, more than 1200 rescue workers are trying to repair the Chengdu Kunming railway. In September 15th 8 to 17, 8, Yuanmou County, heavy rains, local heavy rain, causing the county territory houses and crops and other facilities affected to varying degrees, in which Yuan Zhen and Zhu Bu Cun cucumber Hailuocun geological disasters of debris flow. Yuanmou county magistrate Li Linbo introduction, as of 18 May 18, the disaster caused a total of 10 county towns 50 village 257 groups of villagers were affected, 1 people lost 7 people injured, 35 houses collapsed 72, damaged roads 76 km 86. Among them, the town village committee Hailuocun cucumber garden hero hero, Zhu Jing Bu Cun Leibu Daqing landslides, causing cucumber garden to the River township roads interruption, Kunming Railway interruption; in Cucumber Garden Town Lake formed Zhu Bu Cun Lian Cun Wei Hui and Longchuan river at the junction of the Longchuan River, blocking material of about 1 million 260 thousand cubic meters in volume; Hylo village at the junction of Hailuocun formed lake and the Longchuan River, the blockage of about 320 thousand cubic meters of earthwork. After the disaster, the immediate deployment of rescue and relief work in Yunnan Province, Yuanmou County of Chuxiong Prefecture, the establishment of emergency rescue work group for the first time to the disaster area, police, fire protection, and cadres at all levels of law enforcement officers 1426 people and more than 2800 people involved in disaster relief, heavy hit 5 village 524 2410 people were evacuated. Emergency rescue and disaster relief personnel to treat the injured, rescue personnel lost contact. Currently, the Kunming Railway Bureau has organized more than 1200 rescue workers, mobilized excavators, loaders and other emergency vehicles and equipment repair more than and 90 railway. As of 18 May 16, the cumulative dredging 25 thousand square, 500 meters line is a renovation, tamping work, and restore Kunming Huang Gua Yuan Railway Station direction and 1 – 4 signal equipment. As of 18 May 17, the disposal of dangerous quake lake to mobilize a total of 15 sets of excavators, loaders 3 units of construction, completed a total volume of 21 thousand and 600 cubic meters of excavation. Li Linbo, Yuanmou County, Chuxiong Prefecture, have been allocated 2 million yuan of funds earmarked for disaster emergency disposal, county civil affairs department emergency dispatching relief 700 folding beds, 700 mattresses, 300 tents and other supplies as well as a large number of rice, oil, mineral water and other support disaster. Through repair, disaster transportation, electricity, communications, basically returned to normal, the affected people were resettled, injured people have been properly treated.相关的主题文章:

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